Functionality of Verification Officer of Ummeed (VO)

End to End work of Verification Officer (VO)

Step#1 Form Filling
If any case of fees comes up , VO need to find a volunteer within our group or amongst their circle who can do the Physical visit or meet the students or their parents & fill our form.
Process of Filling form which we say here Level 1 or Round 1 is mentioned in the below URL
( )

Step#2 Verification of Docs & Uploading
Once all the docs & forms are received to us by mail ( or on VO Mobile, we need to verify all the docs which are required & then add in Ummeed’s Google drive. Below is the Link (The links are divided on the basis of the year, Currently we will be using 2017 link)

Step#3 Appeal Message & Fund Raising
It is important to know the financial condition of the student family which we need to write in our *Appeal Message* it helps donor to know the condition of the students. After Creating the message you need to share in our WhatsApp group & in your circle with Ummeed’s Bank Account Details.

Step#4 Co Ordination with Student/Parents & Closure of the case
VO need to coordinate with the Student or their Parents till the case is completed. *Case is completed when we partly or Completely raised the fees for the student.*
After Completion of the case, we need to ask them to send *True Copy of their Fees Receipt* (Xerox of Fees Receipt with their School or College Stamp on it ) on below address via Courier.

Nazir Shaikh
B-210 Om Sai Darshan Bldg.,
C.D. Barfiwala Road
Near New India Colony
Andheri West
Mumbai 400058
Mobile : 9819493215 / 9773406504

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