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What is Ummeed ?

Ummeed is a Mumbai based non-profit non-governmental organization with a mission to equip children from marginalized communities with high quality skills, value based education enabling development of their limitless potential.

Ummeed act as a platform for all professionals & volunteers to share their knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for the overall development of the community & society at large and further empowering students in the field of education, social, & economic front of life.

Ummeed was founded by a group of Professionals in Mumbai and registered as an educational organization with the intention for the upliftment of weaker section of the society in the field of education for Childrens & Womens.

Ummeed Educational Foundation is a registered society under Societies Registration Act 1860, Maharashtra, Mumbai (Reg. No. 2017 G. B. B. S. D 220)

Ummeed seeks help from educated professionals to volunteer in the mission of making a dynamic society so that weaker section of the society are able to rise and walk shoulder to shoulder with others to form a robust society & work together for the progress & development of our nation, India.

Ummeed’s PRIMARY focus is on Education & Professional Empowerment for all.

Ummeed’s Current Activities

I) Currently we are conducting Career Guidance Seminars, Skill development Session in various Schools, Colleges,  Coaching classes across Mumbai.

List of workshops we conduct :
1. Career Guidance
2. Leadership
3. Personality Development
4. Time Management
5. Communication Skills
6. Body Language
7. Motivational Speech & Confidence Building
8. Parenting Session
9. Teacher’s Training Programs
10. How to deal with Mental Stress of Exams
If you want any of the above workshop to be conducted in your school, college or locality then you can email us on info@ummeed.in

II. Interest-Free Financial Assistance:- We will provide interest-free loans to students or parents which they can repay in monthly installment.

III. Scholarship for Poor & Deserving Students:- We will provide the scholarship for deserving students whose parents are not capable of paying their fees.

IV) Educational YouTube Videos & Articles
We have started with this Project of creating Educational YouTube Videos & Articles.The videos are in Hindi Language so that it reaches to the larger section of the society.

Click here to subscribe our channel or watch our videos.

Ummeed’s Future Projects 

We have a vision that every child & adult should be educated & skilled, so that they can also help in building the Nation. Below are planned future projects of Ummeed.

1. SpeakEasy Centers :- These centers will be across Mumbai with well trained Trainers, useful & comfortable infrastructures, Childrens & Adults (specially Womens) will be trained here to learn spoken English language.

2. English Playgroup/ Baalwaadi :- We will be utilizing our SpeakEasy centers as playgroup for the slums kids under 5 years to teach them.


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