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 It is an undergraduate Optometric course. Optometry is a health care profession which is concerned with the health of the eyes and related structures. B.Sc. (Optometry) degree course includes the study of the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of eyes, especially related to visual, optical symptoms, refractive errors and their correction, using lenses and other optical aids.


Diploma Courses: It is two years duration course. You can pursue this course after completing your 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English.

Bachelor Degree Courses: The duration of these courses is 4 years. The student has successfully completed H.S.C./10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics & Pass in English.

Master Degree Courses: M.Opto & M.Sc are two years duration regular full-time course. For admission to these courses, students have to pass Bachelor degree in Optometry or equivalent course from any Indian University.

Optometrists can pursue M.S, M.Phil, Ph.D or OD (Doctor of Optometry) degree after completion of Bachelors in Optometry.

To become an Optician what qualification is required?

You can enter in this field, just by doing diploma after high school. You can also pursue certificate and associate’s degree programs in opticianry that may be preferred by some employers & be licensed.

Those students have a diploma certificate, they can directly begin earning by working with an Ophthalmologist, an Eye Hospital, and an Optician or even start his own practice as an Optician.

An optometrist is the independent primary health care provider who specializes in eye care and visual health. An Optometrist is medical professionals, but not physicians. They focus on regular vision care and prescribe eyeglasses and contacts. An optometrist examines the internal and external structure of the eyes.

Ophthalmologist is a physician (medical doctor) who specializes in the surgical and medical care of the eye & vision system. Ophthalmologists offer complete eye care services. These include: Vision services, Medical eye care, Surgical eye care, Diagnosis and treatment of the eye, Plastic surgery.

Optician is also a very important part of the eye care team, but it is not an eye doctor. An optician uses a prescription that is written by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Optician is a technician who is trained to design, verify fit eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, and other devices to correct eyesight.

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