iDream Student Self Motivation 2016


Ummeed Educational Foundation & Iqra Classes conducted three days “iDream Student Self Motivation” workshop which was conducted by Motivational Speaker & Trainer Arif Pasha (Founder of Live Your Dreams – LYD).

Below are the details of the session which was conducted in that three days.

Day 1 Part 1 – Habits, Mindset, Conscious & Sub conscious Mind
Day 1 Part 2 – Creative Visualization (Happiness) & Preparation of Dream Chart

Day 2 Part 1 – Smart Goals & Academic Settings
Day 2 Part 2 – Time Management & Time dedication for each subjects

Day 3 Part 1 – Team work & Games
Day 3 Part 2 – Dream Chart Presentation, Dreams Ads & Certification
Day 3 Part 3 – Parenting Session for Parents

Feedback from Shehnaz Hussain (Owner / Teacher of Iqra Classes)

The Three days workshop was very useful for the students & for teachers too. The enthusiasm which got created in first day that took the whole three days go very smooth & interesting. Arif Pasha is a great trainer, we all teacher got so many things to learn from him.

The Impact which these three days has created on the minds of the students of our classes is amazing & outstanding. Students are now serious & they have realized that they are responsible for their future. Every Students needs to go through this three days workshop.

Feedback from Rafiq Sayyed (Teacher at Iqra Classes)

Arif Pasha made all student focused in these 3 days. He made us imagined our life’s complicated question or Dreams. He taught student why one needs to study. He made us realized that we cannot teach everything to students verbally sometimes we need to do some activities to teach them which he did by performing team activities.

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